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Laura Sifuentez

Laura Sifuentez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She received a BA in psychology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Laura moved to New York City to pursue a professional career in dance, where she trained with Dance Theater of Harlem. During her time with Dance Theater of Harlem, Laura was introduced to her first mat class and Pilates experience. It was in this mat class that her interest grew and she fell in love with the classical method of Pilates. 

Laura began her certification apprenticeship with Romana’s Pilates in 2011.  While there, she taught professional dancers in the True Pilates dancer program. She completed her apprenticeship and received her certification in 2013. 

Laura’s belief in the benefits of practicing classical Pilates is evident in the way she instructs her clients.  She pushes and encourages her students to strive for the correct form and to take the time to learn proper techniques. Laura’s innate fun, enthusiastic and positive energy shines through in every aspect of her teaching style. Her goal for each client is to enjoy the work, feel strong and healthy in the body and most importantly, to feel better at the end of the session than when they came in. 

Laura joined Madkat Pilates in 2013 and is a senior member of the staff.