The exact exercises that were handed down from Joseph Pilates to his protege Romana Kryzanowska are what we teach and practice at MadKat Pilates.


What is Romana’s Pilates?

All Pilates is NOT the same

The exact exercises that were handed down from Joseph Pilates to his protege, Romana Kryzanowska are what we teach at Madkat Pilates. The original exercises strengthen the deep abdominal muscles, increase flexibility and teach increased awareness of the breath and alignment of the spine. 

In the year 2000, A US Federal Court decided that the Pilates name could not be trademarked. With this ruling the term “Pilates” became generic. As a result there are many Pilates instructors with vastly varying educational credentials. Consumers are faced with conflicting information and confusion when trying to evaluate an effective and safe Pilates program. 

Despite the court decision, Romana and her family forged on in an effort to carry on Joseph Pilates’ legacy and to keep his work pure. They created Romana’s Pilates, a superior, comprehensive instructor training program that offers certification and ongoing continuing education seminars and classes.

Madkat  is an award winning Romana’s Pilates studio located in Glen Ridge, NJ. The benefits of Pilates are numerous. Your body will be stronger, healthier, more flexible and agile. Pain is diminished and confidence is restored. 

All instructors at Madkat Pilates are trained in the Romana’s Pilates Method and have completed all of the requirements in the certification program.


Pilates Equipment at Madkat Pilates Madkat proudly uses Gratz Pilates Equipment. Gratz is the original manufacturer of Pilates apparatus. The company’s original founder, Frank Gratz, worked directly with Joseph Pilates to design and create his equipment for the first Pilates Studios in New York City.