MadKat Pilates offers customized Pilates workouts following the classical Romana's Pilates method.


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Enjoy the benefits of receiving individualized attention from our highly qualified instructors. 

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Our Romana's Pilates certified instructors will challenge you to do your best and will support you as you grow stronger each session. 



Pilates will improve your overall well-being, fitness level, posture, and flexibility while increasing your self-confidence.

I had been taking Pilates classes before discovering the Madkat studio. Although I’ve liked the classes and instructors, I feel that at Madkat, for the first time, I am really learning what Pilates is. I so enjoy working and learning with all of the instructors at Madkat. They are all excellent!– MARY P
Two years ago I began taking Pilates lessons at Madkat and it has been one of the best health decisions I have ever made. My flexibility and core strength have noticeably improved, which has been an important goal for me as I have a spinal fusion. The Madkat Studio is warm and inviting, plus my instructor, Laura, is informative, thoughtful and always creates a tailored lesson that is both challenging and rewarding. Pilates has provided a training regimen that I can continue for many years ahead. Madkat Pilates is the studio that makes it possible. – VERONICA N