Rebecca Carretta

Rebecca Carretta has had a deep appreciation for physical fitness and body conditioning for most of her life. During her school years, she participated in various sports and moved from there into weight training, running, golf and triathlons. In 1999 Rebecca discovered the challenge of Pilates and became inspired. After only a few private sessions, she quickly recognized the benefits of pilates and knew it could be an important part of her fitness routine. She gained flexibility, bettered her posture and realized her muscles were becoming long and lean.

Rebecca gained a deep understanding of the classical method of Pilates by studying for 10 years with Romana’s Pilates certified instructors. She attained her Romana’s Pilates certification at True Pilates in New York, under the instruction of Romana’s daughter, Sari Mejia Santo, and high leveled teachers, Cynthia Shipley, Jerome Weinberg and many others. She is passionate about Pilates and takes great pride and joy in teaching this truly ingenious method of exercise. 

Rebecca joined Madkat Pilates in April of 2013 and is an integral part of Madkat’s staff. She is known for helping her clients get a very deep workout as she guides them to a greater understanding of the goals of each exercise and the Pilates method.