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Kathe Borra

Kathe Borra received her Pilates certification in 2012 through Romana’s Pilates in New York. She joined the teaching staff at Madkat Pilates in January of 2016. Kathe continues to deepen her understanding of the method by taking weekly lessons and workshops throughout the year. 

Kathe is committed to her students’ success no matter their experience, physical condition, or goals. She works to help each student progress in Pilates each week in order  to create a deep foundation for long term change in their bodies and minds.

Her approach stems from a strong background in the philosophy and original intent of Pilates and a focus on utilizing the whole method to train the body and mind to function together in the most efficient way possible. 

As a teacher, Kathe is known for her dynamic ability to bring both consistency and creativity to her work. Utilizing the basic tenets of Pilates, she strives to educate her students about their own bodies and support them in their commitment to their fitness goals through the practice of Pilates.

I started working out at Madkat after having my first baby, when my old standbys of yoga, running, biking, etc. were not doing it anymore! Pilates with Kathe not only helped me regain the strength I had lost but also improved my posture, decreased my pain levels and has been a great compliment to my yoga practice. Kathe’s approach is ambitious but patient and I enjoy my sessions and get a great workout every time I see her. I look forward to my Pilates session every week!
–Laura R.